Dynamic Ads Coming to Snapchat

Businesses will soon be able to further optimize their advertising campaigns on Snapchat through an open beta program that adds a new layer of personalization to the multimedia messaging platform.

In the coming weeks, Dynamic Ads will be available to all e-commerce advertisers on Snapchat. The company touts it as “one of our most impactful updates of the year,” and representatives said the program “will only increase the depth” of the company’s advertising offerings for retail and e-commerce brands.

Advertising on the impermanent messaging app has been going on for years, with brands taking advantage of tools like Snap Pixel to ensure their branding efforts conform to the litany of mobile devices out in the wild. Through this new beta program, Dynamic Ads will automate how marketers scale and personalize their advertising campaigns.

Once fully implemented, the Dynamic Ads beta will give marketers some new tools to not only create advertising campaigns that showcase their products, but also to ensure their return on investment.

The company says the program’s features and benefits include templates that help put a business’s products front and center, which fits in perfectly with the app’s primary purpose; streamlined processes that shorten the amount of time needed to create ads; and the ability to “sync a product catalog, select an audience for prospecting or re-engagement, and let Snap’s system deliver the ad in real time.” As changes to a company’s products occur, the company said, Dynamic Ads will be able to adjust on the fly so advertisers can run “always-on” campaigns.

Some companies have already begun using the Dynamic Ads program. Chris Ratterman, founder and CEO of Shady Rays, said his company began using Dynamic Ads during the third quarter, quickly yielding results.

“Although it’s early, we’re seeing very promising results – our Dynamic Ads campaigns are driving a 66% decrease in cost per purchase and a 286% increase in return on ad spending compared to our 2019 re-engagement initiative running simultaneously,” he said.

For the uninitiated, Snapchat is an application that allows users to message one another, usually through visual media like photos and videos. Developed in 2011 by a group of Stanford University students, the platform has ballooned to epic proportions, with approximately 190 million daily active users reported in the first quarter of 2019 and approximately 14 billion daily video views.

What makes Snapchat a particularly juicy target for advertising dollars is the access it gives brands to a younger audience. According to the Pew Research Center, 73% of Snapchat’s users are ages 18 to 24. To say the app is popular with millennials and Gen Z users would be an understatement.

With Dynamic Ads, Snapchat says, successful brands will be able to tap into the company’s younger user base, noting that these particular generations grew up in a “mobile-first world [where] they value convenience, authenticity, and creativity in the products and services they buy.”

With companies now able to reach out to Snapchat to participate in the Dynamic Ads beta program, Snapchat is the latest social media platform to bolster its business-friendly efforts. Social media has long been a target for marketers, since statistics show American consumers regularly browse their preferred social platforms.

Earlier this year, Instagram announced its Checkout on Instagram feature, which allows users to purchase items directly from a brand’s page. As one of the largest social media platforms in the world, Instagram’s parent company, Facebook, is certainly no stranger to e-commerce and advertising.

Snapchat’s Dynamic Ads beta is currently available to U.S. companies only, though the company said it plans to expand the program internationally in the near future.


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