How to Watch Twitch on Roku

Install Twitched or Twitched Zero

There are two versions of Twitched: Twitched Zero, which is free but shows ads before each stream, and Twitched, which costs $1 but doesn’t have any ads. Both offer the same features, from what I can tell; the only difference is the commercials. Install whichever you prefer.

You can browse the most popular streams, as seen above, or browse by game.

Choose something you want to watch, and it will load.

There are no on-screen controls, and no comments, but if you just want to watch something this is perfect.

Sign Into Your Twitch Account

Watching the most popular streams is fine, but what if you wanted to watch your favorite streamers? Signing in to your Twitch account is an easy way to do that. Just head to Settings > Sign In. You’ll be given a code:

Head to on your computer and enter the code there, signing into your Twitch account if necessary. You’ll see a confirmation on your Roku:

You can now browse all the streamers you follow, right on your Roku.

Cast Twitch Videos From Your Browser to Your Roku

Sometimes you find a stream using your laptop and want to send it to your TV. No problem: just download the Twitched extension for Chrome, Firefox, or Opera. This simple browser extension lets you send any Twitch stream to your Roku.

Just click the extension’s button—your Roku will launch Twitched and start the stream. Note that you’ll need to configure the extension, pointing it to your Roku on the local network and specifying whether you’re using Twitched or Twitched Zero.

There’s also a free Twitched Android app that does the same thing on mobile, so be sure to install that if you want to send Twitch streams from your phone over to your TV.

It would be nice if Amazon offered official Roku support, but I suspect they see Roku as a rival to the Amazon Fire TV. It’s nice that Twitched fills in the gaps here; my thanks to Cord Cutters News for pointing it out.


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